Which toy? 25 to 38 months

Your child’s physical and language skills are becoming more advanced. As well as toys that give them the chance to practise their physical abilities, they need toys that encourage them to widen their vocabulary and opportunities for pretend play to exercise their growing imagination.

They are able to concentrate better, so provide games they can sit and do quietly by themselves too. As the age of 3 approaches, they will also want to start playing with other kids of their own age, rather than just alongside them.

Toys that encourage them to be physically active

  • pedal trike
  • pedal car
  • swing
  • see-saw
  • slide
  • beanbags
  • balls
  • blow-up toys.

Toys for quiet play

  • child-sized table and chair
  • pegboard
  • counting frame
  • big Lego blocks
  • threading beads
  • blackboard and chalks

Toys for pretend play

  • tea set
  • doll’s cot
  • dressing-up clothes
  • puppets
  • toy telephone
  • scaled-down
  • versions of grown-up things such as brushes, workbench and tools
  • gardening tools.

Creative toys

  • whistle
  • drum
  • saucepan lid and wooden spoon
  • finger paints
  • blunt scissors
  • humming top
  • games
  • puzzles
  • picture lotto
  • picture snap
  • simple wooden jigsaws.
Last updated: 15 April 2019