Everyday routines

Just like the transitions into pregnancy and early parenthood, this is another transition as your baby becomes a toddler. Adjusting to your changing role as a parent can feel overwhelming at times.
While parenting a toddler can be really exciting, it can also be very tiring and challenging. It is important to remember to look after yourself and be kind to yourself as you work things out together. You will probably experience some ups and downs and some days will feel easier than others. This is completely normal. The toddler stage is a learning process for parents too. It will take a bit of time to work out what your child needs and how to best support them. You won't get it right all the time and that's completely normal too, so don't be too tough on yourself. Talking about how you feel can really help.

Toddler blowing bubbles

Keeping it positive

Discover tips and techniques that shape your child's behaviour in a positive way.

Playing it right

Find out how important play is for your toddler and how to make the most of playtime.

Feed 'em well

Learn how to eat well as a family, and what’s good for your tot.


Discover what you’ll both get out of childcare and what questions you need to ask.


Access ideas to help establish routines, night-time troubleshooting and napping.

Screen time

When to balance technology both for play and learning and when to switch off the screen.